Community Based Projects

Community Based Projects

Since 2007 APD has been delivering direct services such as training; monitoring, assistance with business plans, information and guidance on legislation to 4 Affiliated Community based Projects in the Limpopo Province in various districts, and served as a recourse centre for more than 30 Registered Community based Projects.

Due to a shortage of Social Work personnel it was not always easy to deliver all the services that were required.  In 2010 APD welcomed a new Social Work Staff member, Mr. Brian Tigere.  Since his appointment APD was able to deliver the necessary services and are proud to announce that we have added 5 new affiliated Community based Projects to our Organization, APD now delivers direct services to 10 affiliated Community based Projects and serves as a resource centre for 32 registered Community based Projects.

These 10 projects will also be involved in the services the APD delivers to persons with disability and help to widen our service areas within the Limpopo Province.

For more information on the affiliated and other community based projects please contact Mr. Brian Tigere (Social Worker)

Capricorn District

Batlokwa Disabled Centre

Phagamang Centre

Waterbergberg District



Thobela Centre

Sechechune District

Lehlaba Centre

Leseding Protective workshop

Mopani District

Tswaranang Disabled Project