Social Development Services

Developmental Social Work Services

Aim of these services:
The Developmental Social Work Services of APD focus on persons with physical and/or intellectual disability in the age group birth to death.

Services are rendered to enable persons with disability to reach their maximum level of functioning and to see to the creation and attainment of equal opportunities until a realistic level of independence is reached.

A need for facilities and resources for people with disabilities exists in Limpopo. People from all population groups, cultures, age groups and social economic strata are disadvantaged in terms of opportunities to physical and social resources.

Services provided:

This programme includes the four methods in Social Work.

  • Individual
  • Relative
Social work services:
  • 1. Organize functional and physical assessments
    2. Link to resources for:
  • Assistive devices
  • Training/Education
  • Work placement
  • Institutional care applications
  • Medical care
  • Financial support
  • Social Grants
  • Administration of Grants/income
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Handling of social problems
  • Linking to other resources
Group work

To address certain social issues or problems by handling it in a group situation.


Other Services
The issue of parking permits to qualifying applicants.
The assessment of applicants who are applying for:
(a) Beach permits
(b) Rebates on customs or excise duty when specially adopted vehicles are purchased.

Wheelchair handover projects

This initiative is a long standing partnership in which an equal percentage of the profit on very Vodacom cellphone sold at all Game Stores is donated to the wheelchair fund.

This is regularly topped up from Game’s social investment budget, which is allocated to uplifting and empowering those in need in communities served by their stores, with special focus on children.

The project started in 1998 with 180 wheelchairs donated per year. It has since grown to ±400 wheelchairs donated per year.
The total number of wheelchairs donated up until 2011 are 4562 wheelchairs with a value of more than R13 million.

Rachel Swart Fund

Right from our earliest beginnings in 1960, The Rachel Swart Fund has been inspired by the courage and fortitude of those it serves.

Above all, we identify with disabled people’s wish to lead full, active and independent lives – which we help them to achieve by providing motorised wheelchairs and devices for specialised postural support.

For any information on how to qualify for any of these programmes, please contact Ms. Maria Stone

Community Development

To address needs experienced in the community by establishing new projects and resources for persons with disability. Existing projects in urban, semi-urban and rural areas are empowered and developed.

There are eight community based projects from the five districts of Limpopo affiliated with APD Limpopo, who receive direct services. APD Limpopo also serves as resource centre for over 25 other non-affiliated community based projects.